Imagine what your life would have been like if you learned the tools you have now at a younger age. Imagine the gift of yoga, mindfulness and breath as you studied for your SATs or prepared to enter into high school. We created our teacher training program with one goal in mind: to create more youth yoga instructors. We want to make yoga and mindfulness more accessible to youth everywhere. We believe that yoga changes lives and the sooner children are taught the tools, the easier it will be for them to access and the longer they will enjoy the benefits.

Our programs, launching soon, are led by experienced, highly qualified children’s yoga instructors. These trauma sensitive trainings vary in length and topics including on-site professional development, two 20 hour certifications: Level One and Level Two for all interested in teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth, a 35 hour virtual certification program for educators, and a 95 hour advanced kids yoga certification, which upon approval will qualify all Yoga Alliance registered instructors for the designation of RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher).

Polliwog Kids Yoga is an approved RCYS (Registered Children’s Yoga School) and both of our lead trainers are YACEPs (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers).

who are our trainings for?

Our youth yoga instructor trainings are for adult yogis who are interested in sharing their love of yoga and mindfulness with children and teens. You are not required to have any prior yoga teacher training to attend any of our trainings.


What makes us different THan other trainings?

We know that there are a lot of wonderful kids yoga programs out there. We value collaboration over competition, and work with and support kids yoga instructors from all over the world, some who also own their very own kids yoga training programs! We love these people but, the reality is, we are different. We aren’t your average kids yoga instructors, and this isn’t your average teacher training program. When you train with us, you get a well rounded youth yoga education that will benefit you wherever your journey takes you.

Here’s three reasons why:

  1. We are not a yoga brand or a yoga studio. We got into the business of yoga to change the lives of children, and we think we are pretty awesome at teaching kids yoga, but we don’t believe there is an absolute way to do anything. We teach teachers, not outlines or scripts. When you train with us, you know that we are training you because we believe in the material in our manuals. Our goal is that you leave our trainings confident enough to create your own classes and lead with a style that matches your authentic self.

  2. Our program is trauma sensitive and all-inclusive. Courtney Hart, co-founder of our training is not only a Registered Children’s Yoga Instructor but also a licensed child and adolescent therapist with years of experience working with children and teens. Courtney has worked in a variety of settings and with children with a variety of histories and challenges. When we created this training, we developed it so that teachers could lead their students with instruction that feels safe, welcoming and supportive. We believe that you have to have an understanding of trauma and diverse needs to be able to do so, so we incorporate these aspects into every training that we lead.

  3. We value connection, collaboration and community. We are lucky to have a wonderful network of yoga instructors, teacher trainers, educators, administrators, clinicians, doctors, parents and more. We are frequently working together with others, and we bring that sense of community into our trainings. When you train with us, you become a part of the Polliwog family. In this community, you will find support and connection, things we are hard wired to need to thrive in this life. When you begin your training, you will have access to our growing online community. Once you are certified with us, you will also be highlighted on our website as a Polliwog Certified Teacher, putting your name out there for our network and many others to see.


What will you learn in our trainings?

Although each training has specific learning objectives based on the topic, every module includes training in childhood development, anatomy, developmental trauma, creating a trauma sensitive and inclusive classroom, yoga philosophy, lesson planning, classroom management, yoga asanas, yoga games and activities, and much more.


how do you become certified?

Certification means different things to different people, and we understand that your level of interest in trainings may vary based on your unique goals as a youth yoga instructor. We offer 20, 40 and 95 hour certifications for everyone interested in teaching yoga to youth, and a specialized 35 hour in person or virtual training specifically for educators interested in incorporating yoga and/or mindfulness into their classroom.

To become certified, you simply attend the weekend instruction with our lead instructors, and then complete any virtual or at home assignments required for your specific training. Once you have completed your in person hours, finished up any virtual or home assignments and paid any remaining balance for your training, you will receive a beautiful, personalized, signed certification from Polliwog Kids Yoga to display!



We recommend exploring the pages on our trainings for more information. We are here to help, too! Email for assistance.