Hands on Learning for Hands on Educators

We have been implementing mindfulness and training education professionals, since 2017. We engage students and get their buy in to the program using a unique curriculum and genuine interactions. We train education professionals using hands on lessons and language that works for the classroom. We work directly with school administration to create and build programming both for in school use and after school activities.

Why are we so passionate about mindfulness? We know how much of a difference mindfulness makes in the lives of students and educators, we’ve seen it first hand.

The benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Improved academic success

  • Increased resilience of students and staff

  • More connected classrooms

  • Decreased work-related stress for staff

  • Decreased teacher burnout and turnover

Our school based program is uniquely created to meet the schools needs. Previous and current programs include a mix of: in person lessons for students, professional development for teachers, mentorship with teachers, and family involvement to ensure maximum benefits in the school community. By providing students and teachers with mindfulness education, the students are able to succeed academically and socially.

Our after school programs are fun and engaging, created specifically to meet the needs of the students participating and are always led by a qualified instructor.

If you are interested in learning more about our school based instruction, or starting a program at your school, please email us directly at info@polliwogkidsyoga.com.



Baltimore County Public Schools: Logan Elementary School - Dundalk, MD

Harford Day School