As an adjunct to our teacher training programs, we offer on site professional development for teachers, school staff, administrators, community workers, therapists and more. Our professional development workshops can provide any of the instruction offered in our modules and can be personalized to your organizational needs. We offer trainings that range from as little as one hour (lunch time trainings are wonderful!) to as long as two or more business days.

What do we teach?

Our professional development trainings focus on youth yoga and mindfulness instruction tailored to your workplace needs. We have led professional development in schools that focus completely on mindfulness strategies and also trainings for yoga instructors specifically on children’s asanas.


Why choose us?

When you work with us, you are choosing to work with individuals who value your needs over our agendas. We want to know what your company could benefit from learning and we want to make the training as engaging as possible. All of our lead teachers are required to have continuing education credits for their licenses and certifications, so we understand the importance of engaging professional development trainings. We work hard to create memorable, hands on experiences to facilitate professional learning.


What is included?

Each professional development workshop includes quality instruction from one of our lead instructors, training manuals personalized to the workshop, and certificates of completion for each participant.


What is the cost?

The cost of the training program will be determined after discussing the goals of the training and determining an agenda and length for the training.


When you are ready to schedule a call with one of our lead instructors to plan a professional development at your agency, please e-mail us directly at or call us at 240-528-8255.