Imagine a calmer classroom with the ring of a chime.


Trust us, a calmer classroom is possible!

Mindfulness practices are an amazing tool to add to your tool box, for you and your students.

When you teach your students mindfulness, you are skills that will benefit them for life. Your classroom can become quieter, friendlier and more connected. Students perform better on tests, engage longer in lessons and complete more assignments.

Does this sound like something you want in your classroom but you’re not sure how to get there? We have helped others create calm, mindful classrooms. Let us help you, too!


This course is perfect for you if you:

  • Work in education (teacher, support staff, administrator, etc.)

  • Have an interest in mindfulness but aren't sure where to begin or how to bring mindfulness into your classroom

  • Work with students who have experienced trauma and want to provide a safe, supportive environment for them

  • Like to work at your own pace but still have a community to get support from

I have been teaching kindergarten for 25 years and am always looking for new ways to enhance their learning experiences and develop them as individuals. The Mindfulness Class was such a gift for me. It is a gift that I feel keeps giving each day to myself and to my students. Each day at school I feel like we are unwrapping a new piece of us. This course has given me so many resources to use in and out of the classroom. When teaching my students about mindfulness I see how much they have grown on the inside and out by using all the various strategies that I have been given from this course. I see everyday how they are using these strategies to help them be a “super hero” with their “super power” of mindfulness and being present in all that they do. I also have gotten so much out of this course as an adult and am using much of the information in my everyday life to make me a better educator and individual. My students and myself love this new gift of mindfulness and will continue to be “present” in our lives with the help of this course.
— -Michelle A., Kindergarten Teacher


Upon completion of the virtual Mindful Educator Certification, you will have an understanding of:

  • Benefits of yoga for youth and educators

  • Starting your own mindfulness practice

  • Types of trauma and how they affect the bodies and brains of your students

  • Skills of a trauma sensitive yoga and mindfulness education professional

  • Introducing mindfulness and yoga to administrators, students and parents

  • School appropriate games, activities, breathing techniques and postures to teach yoga and mindfulness

  • Desk and chair yoga postures and sequences

  • Basic yoga philosophy and how to incorporate into virtues of the classroom

  • How to use Mindful Moments & Mindfulness Routines in the classroom

  • And more!



The six module online program is hosted by Podia. When you are ready to begin, follow the link and sign up for the program. You can complete the training at your own pace, and to become certified, you take just a few extra steps, at no cost to you.

How does certification work? To become certified, you must:

  • Complete all modules of the course

  • Pass all mini-assessments and the final assessment with 80% of above

  • Complete a final feedback survey

  • Write a Final Reflection page and submit it to the instructors

Certification is optional, and no extra cost to you.



Tuition for your Mindful Educator Certification includes many benefits:

  • Virtual instruction from lead trainers with specialized knowledge and experience

  • A 80+ page teacher training manual specifically for educators with postures, activities, mindfulness scripts and more

  • Recorded audio and scripts to use with your classroom

  • Printable resources to use in your classroom and with students

  • Access to growing online Polliwog Mindful Educators community forum

  • Optional listing on Polliwog Kids Yoga Certified Teachers Page after completion

Tuition for the entire six module online program and lifetime access to the course, including all updates, and our exclusive online community.

Our course has been COMPLETELY redone including adding all new video content, including more resources, making it easier to complete independently, and more. The completely new course launches on September 8, 2019.

TUITION AS OF SEPTEMBER 8, 2019: $149.99



The mindfulness educator course was very beneficial to me as a special educator. At first I wasn’t so sure how much I would be able to use what I learned with my students since I only see them for about 20 to 30 minutes a day and since I do not have my own classroom. However, I discovered that mindfulness is so helpful to me as a resource teacher. It fits right into many of the goals, objectives, and supplementary aids/services my students have on their IEPs for social-emotional-behavioral needs. It also is perfect as my students are transitioning from their classrooms to coming to work with me in small groups. For any resource teachers who may have doubts about if mindfulness has a place in your instruction, I can say, “It definitely does and you should definitely take this course!”
— -Nicole B., Special Educator, Elementary


With all the books and cards online, why train before teaching mindfulness?

Some mindfulness practices can actually have the opposite effect on your students. You may accidentally cause students to feel more stressed. Even worse, you could trigger trauma in students. You’re reading this page because you care about your students. We created this program for the very same reason! Our virtual program will teach you how to lead trauma-sensitive mindfulness in your classroom. You’ll learn the history of mindfulness, the effects of trauma, and how to create a trauma sensitive, mindful classroom for your students.

What if I don’t have a mindfulness practice of my own? Don't worry. We are going to train you in that, too. We know from experience that mindfulness educators have to practice mindfulness themselves. We will give you all the tools you need to start your own practice. We also focus on self-care during our modules, to help protect our teachers from burnout.

How will I use all the information in this training? I’m worried I will learn a lot but not be able to implement it.We’ve got you covered. You will graduate our program with more than just a 30 hour certification as a Mindful Educator. You will understand how to share safe and supportive mindfulness with your students. You will have countless resources to teach mindfulness and yoga in your classroom. You will have more than just this training, you'll be part of a community. When you enroll in this training, you become a part of our exclusive Polliwog Mindful Educators community. In our forum, you will find friendship and support from other educators as you begin to use mindfulness. Our lead trainer, Courtney Hart, is constantly sharing new resources and answering questions on the forum, too!

Do you offer any discounts? Yes! We offer discounts for groups, schools and more. Email us directly to inquire.

Have more questions? Email us directly to learn more about the program and schedule a time to talk with our lead trainer. She will call you at a convenient time for you to answer any questions you have. As you talk, Courtney will guide you in the right direction, whether it is our training or another resource for you.