Our lead instructors both know how to find balance between when it is time to be serious and hold space, and when it is time for their inner children to come out and play. With over 20 years of combined experience working with youth and nearly a decade of formalized training, our instructors have created engaging programming for yoga studios, schools and community agencies, and now they have developed a conscientious, engaging and valuable training for youth yoga instructors everywhere.



BJ has been teaching yoga for the better part of a decade, and working with adolescents for even longer. As a driving instructor, BJ has spent countless hours talking with teenagers not just while teaching them the rules of the road, but hearing them open up about their lives while driving. BJ has learned first hand about the stressors of being a teen in this society through these talks, and understands why now more than ever it is extremely important for our youth to be practicing yoga. BJ began teaching yoga to children in 2016 through Empower4Life, a local non-profit that teaches fitness and wellness to youth. BJ completed his 95 hour advanced children’s yoga teaching certification in 2018. As a lead instructor and trainer for Polliwog Kids Yoga, BJ hopes to teach kids (and their yoga teachers) how to be playful and kind, and to nurture patience and resilience. When BJ is not teaching yoga, you can find him playing guitar, hanging out with his son, juggling, listening to podcasts, reading and writing.

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Courtney knew from a young age that she wanted to work with children, and as early as high school she was working with students in preschool. Courtney graduated with her Masters in Clinical Social Work with a specialization in Families and Children in 2011 and has worked with children and teens in a variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment, special education schools and now in her private practice in Harford County. After falling in love with yoga in her own practice, Courtney completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the main goal of learning enough about yoga to teach to children. Courtney has taught children’s yoga consistently since graduation from her teacher training in 2016 including aerial, studio, community and counseling center based yoga. In 2017, Courtney created and implemented a school wide mindfulness program in a Title I school in Baltimore, where she continues to consult and work with teachers now. After leading her first professional development training in 2017, Courtney knew that she eventually wanted to lead longer, more in depth trainings. In 2018, Courtney completed her 95 hour advanced certification in children’s yoga. Courtney finds the trauma sensitive programming of Polliwog Kids Yoga to be the perfect blend of all of her expertise and is passionate about spreading yoga love to children (and inner children) of all ages. As a lead instructor and trainer, Courtney hopes to create a safe space for future teachers so that they can hold space for our youth. When she isn’t teaching yoga or working at her office in Havre de Grace, you can find her working with her therapy dog in training, trying to do work on her laptop while her cat purrs in her face, dreaming up countless other projects, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.

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