Your Kids Don't Have To Meditate to Be Mindful!

You can teach your children to be more mindful without ever having to teach them to meditate!

Mindfulness is not synonymous with meditation. The terms meditation and mindfulness often seem to be used as if they are the same, but they are not. It is important to know the similarities and differences between the the two, especially when practicing yoga and mindfulness with your children and teenagers. It gets confusing! One type of meditation is mindfulness meditation, and that is what we think causing the ultimate confusion.

We are going to break it down for you! Let’s take a deeper look at the differences.

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If Younger Me Only Had a Yoga Mat: 3 Lessons I've Learned

I didn’t always love yoga the way I do now, and I didn’t always love myself the way I do now either. Before I started getting on my own yoga mat, I thought yoga was a static, barely moving thing that people did to relax. Honestly, I thought that the people who practiced yoga were kind of bizarre, and I was fine to stick to my sporadic running and gym routine. The first time I stepped on the mat I loved it. There was something about this powerful, moving practice that instantly connected me to my body. I have always been an “in my head” kind of person: constantly planning, carefully considering and consistently analyzing. When I was breathing, and I was moving, all of that faded away. My yoga mat quickly became my home. A place for me to connect with myself. A place for me to remember who I was before all the chatter came into my mind.

I would say that if I ever time traveled back in time, I would tell younger me these lessons. But younger me would be very skeptical of someone telling her they time travelled, and younger me also was kind of set in her own ways, so I’m not sure she would take advice. Maybe I would just leave younger me a yoga mat and hope she found yoga on her own. :)

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