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Just like the caterpillar, a polliwog is a symbol of metamorphosis and change. Born from an egg, the polliwog is the transitional stage before becoming a full grown frog. Frogs, social creatures that live in colonies, are as diverse as types of personalities, with over 6,000 types of frogs living all over the world. Polliwogs then, are just as diverse, as are their journeys. We chose the symbol of a polliwog to represent and honor the great changes of childhood and young adulthood.


Share Yoga with Youth

There is no denying the stress of being a child or teenager in the world today. Far too often our youth are over exposed to stress and distraction while being under exposed to healthy outlets. By becoming a youth yoga instructor, you are giving our future leaders tools to help them self-regulate, relieve stress and believe in their dreams. You are helping them become who they deserve to be.